The future of
eCommerce automation
Kuai is an eCommerce automation
software that assists in obtaining

items to maximize profit.
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Supporting your favorite sites and constantly adding more

Numbers don’t lie
The ultimate software for automated purchases

If you’ve ever dreamt of owning a PS5, a valuable sports card, or getting your hands on the latest graphics card, chances are you’re one of the millions of people who can only imagine touching such a highly coveted item.

Kuai turns that dream into a reality. Take a look at our success.

User checkouts
"Consistent daily checkouts
Dollars spent
1 million in the making
Checkout to user ratio
On average, every user has checked out 10 items
Run without proxies
Amazon cloud based monitoring

Monitor hundreds of products seamlessly without proxies by using our server-side monitor.

Dark & light mode
Seamless, beautiful, and dynamic user interface

Our easy-to-use interface is organized for essential information and navigation. Oh, and it looks amazing!

On the go?
No problem
Control tasks from your fingertips

The Kuai mobile app allows you to manage your tasks straight from your phone.

View and add upcoming releases
Never miss a drop again with our built in release calendar.
Frequently Asked Questions
Listed below are answers to some questions we often recieve
How much is Kuai?

$100 initial fee with additional $25/month. Cancel anytime.

What is Kuai?

Kuai is a retail automation software, more commonly known as a bot. We specialize in collectibles and the retail space.

How do I get access to Kuai?

The only way to purchase Kuai is through our Twitter restocks, groupbuys, or secondary markets.

What sites do you support?

We currently support Amazon, Target, Microsoft, and Pokemon center. Stay tuned to our Twitter for updates on new supported sites.

How often do you restock?

We do not have a defiant interval of restocks but turn on post notifications for our Twitter so you never miss a restock!